If you are in São Paulo or want to go to the capital of São Paulo even this year, it is interesting to know the cultural and artistic events and art fairs of São Paulo that you can not miss in 2018.

Therefore, we selected seven events that should not be missed for those who want to have fun in the state capital in 2018.


1) Festival of the Francophonie 2018

Until April 15, São Paulo hosts the Festival of the Francophonie. The festival, which is organized by the French Alliance, aims to disseminate the best of French artistic productions in different addresses in São Paulo.

Among the places that will host the Festival are Sesc Vila Mariana, the Cultural Reserve in Bela Vista, Bourbon Street in Moema and the Culture Bookstore of Shopping Iguatemi.


2) Shrimp Festival

A festival for those who like pasta, the “Shrimp Festival” continues to happen in the state capital until April 29.

The proposal of this festival is to offer the public dishes that combine shrimp with other types of pasta and sauces. The festival has a variety of more than 50 items for the single price of 69 reais, with the exception of drinks and desserts.

Among the most popular options on the festival’s menu are Shrimp with Spaghetti, Roasted Shrimp, and Crispy Shrimp with lemon and tartar.



Jazz in São PauloSâo Paulo. Largest city in Brazil and Latin America; largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world, global alpha city; the most populous city in the country, the

American continent and the southern hemisphere.

There are several superlatives of this metropolis and in this boiling cultural climate, fruit of the great number of cultural ethnicities that make up its rich history, the São Paulo Jazz Festival appears.

The São Paulo Jazz Festival is a long-term cultural and tourist project for the city. The event is directly inspired by the successful editions of music festivals that have been held annually for decades in European and US cities, and will take place November 22-24, 2018

The São Paulo Jazz Festival will promote the meeting of national and international names of music in great presentations.


4) 60! Decade of Arromba – Musical Doc

Vanderleia singing

Until the first day of May, a national holiday, the Theatro NET São Paulo receives the show “60! Decade of Arromba – Musical Doc “. The famous singer Wanderléa, one of the greatest representatives of the Brazilian movement of the Young Guard, interprets herself in the spectacle.

The musical narrates the time when radio arrived in Brazil in the 1920s and reaches the point where television occupied the most popular medium of communication in Brazil in the 1960s.


5) Peter Pan – The Musical

One of the biggest Broadway classics, “Peter Pan – O Musical” won a Brazilian version starring actors Matthew Ribeiro and Daniel Boaventura, in the respective roles of Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

The show will be directed by José Possi Neto and will be on display until July 15.


6) International Book Biennial of São Paulo

Bienal book

The International Book Biennial of São Paulo takes place in August in the city of São Paulo. In the event, writers and readers meet. Publishers sell books with unmissable discounts and promote multiple autograph sessions that appeal to young book fans across the country.

Famous writers such as Pedro Bandeira, Thalita Rebouças, Paula Pimenta and Babi Dewet attend the event every year and lure their readers to huge queues lining the grounds.


7) CCXP Experience 2018


The CCXP Experience 2018 is one of the biggest events in Latin America for young audiences, nerds and film buffs. In this event, the world’s largest film studios take their actors closer to the public.

Exclusive scenes from upcoming releases and trailers not yet released to the general public are shown at the event. In addition, stars and stars give their interviews to the media outlets present at the event.

“Viva el Epico” is the slogan that popularized CCXP Experience, which happens since the year 2014 in Brazil.


8) Demi Lovato in Brazil

Demi Lovato singing

One of the world’s most famous singers, Demi Lovato, performs in the city of São Paulo on November 19.

She comes with the “Tell Me You Love Me World Tour” tour to São Paulo and is already preparing to meet the Brazilian fans.