São Paulo is the third largest city in the world. The capital of São Paulo is so big that it is impossible for a person to get to know the sights of the city on foot.

Driving a car in São Paulo may not be the easiest alternative, as the traffic in São Paulo is stressful even for the most experienced of drivers.

Therefore, we recommend here 10 cultural spaces that you can get to know in São Paulo walking by subway. Of course, the São Paulo subway presents a series of problems, but it reaches the main points of the city that we will recommend next.


1) Immigration Museum | Line 3 – Red | Brás

Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum was created with the purpose of preserving the memory of some immigrants who arrived in Brazil through the Immigrant Inn.

Several people and many stories from all over the world are in the Museum of Immigration. Do not miss the opportunity to meet!


2) Cultural Center of São Paulo | Line 1 – Blue | Vergueiro Station

CCSP – Cultural Center of São Paulo is one of the spaces of the capital that count on a quality cultural programming.

In the Cultural Center, there are several libraries, theaters, cinemas, exhibition spaces, art galleries and a community garden.


3) Municipal Market | Line 1 – Blue | São Bento Station

Municipal Market

The Municipal Market of São Paulo is also known as the Paulista Mercadão.

It was opened in January 1933 and its merchants sell fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals and seasonings. It is one of the main postcards of the capital.


4) Memorial of Latin America | Line 3 – Red | Barra Funda

Memorial of Latin America

The Memorial of Latin America was inaugurated in 1989 by one of the main representatives of Modern Architecture in Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer.

The Memorial has established itself as one of the main political and cultural centers of the capital of São Paulo, and hosts live shows and handicraft fairs on every weekend.


5) Cine Belas Artes | Line 4 – Yellow | Paulista Station

Belas Artes

Caixa Belas Artes is a place that receives a public that is passionate about cinema and the productions of the seventh art.

Located between Consolação and Avenida Paulista, the space counts on a rich cultural program that very privileges the productions of the national cinema.