Urban Arts Tour

Have you heard about the graffiti alley and the madalena village?

These are the hype of the last moment, a symbol of the growth, importance and relevance of the art and urban culture of the city of São Paulo, however the story begins at least 3 decades ago, with the first PIXO movement, a style of art and communication, with spirit of resistance, that uses the city as canvas.

Graffiti in São Paulo is not born as the expression of a specific culture, it is born of the need to express itself, in a city with deep social inequality, and a hyper diversity of cultures and expressions, within an urban setting. The walls of São Paulo, shouting and communicating at all times, are different types of messages and expressions that reflect the aspirations of different sectors of society, an expression of the invisible who communicate with society and with each other,

This tour takes you to know this artistic construction that begins to be seen as aesthetic. You will know the universe of an urban artist who lives in the city of São Paulo between inspirations and provocations, you will know historical places in the birth of the street art culture of São Paulo.

Understanding downtown São Paulo, as a meetings and connections point, for different cultures, that result in communications and expressions on the city walls.


ART  by  @Cranioartes


A Open Canvas City

The tour is focused on the construction of the aesthetics, message and poetry of the street art of São Paulo. You will get to know and experience the spaces of the central region of the city, a meeting point where the art and street culture of São Paulo come to life.

Discover the work of Brazilian artists who display their arts in the galleries of the world, on the walls and on the streets of São Paulo.

Os Gemeos, Kobra, Nunca, Finok, Nina, Zezon, and other


Art by :  TEC

How is The Experience


● All taxes, fees and handling charges
● Entrance fees
● Local guide
● Small-group tour


We prepare a curatorship between the urban arts and art spaces that we most like in the city.


Every Monday and Wednesday.
At: 11:00 am.


5 Hours


60 USD per person


● Confirmation will be received at time of booking
● Children must be accompanied by an adult
● Adult pricing applies to all travelers
● A minimum of 2 people per booking is required
● We can also offer a photographer accompanying, taking photos with the graffites and the urban arts as a background.


The tour start at a Rock Gallery , in downtown São Paulo.

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