We are Chaotic Producer of Culture and Arts.

Who does the show run?

Who Are We?


We are local cultural workers, as a musicians, producers, graffiti artists, cheffs, arts workers, and tourism and events professionals, who would like to connect Cultural Movements.

The SP culture and Chaos was created through the connection of several people who  would like to connect the cultures of São Paulo  on a world wide Cultures expressions.

Why Diving in the Art and Culture of SP?

São Paulo is the largest city in the global South, a territory of 20 million people, which has a huge diversity, made up by people from different parts of the world resulting in one of the most vibrant and impactful cultural scenes among the global cities of this planet.

Besides the graffiti, street arts, art exhibitions, musical shows, gastronomic festivals, poetry on the wall, the independent cultural circuit of São Paulo maybe carry the most authentic, modern, innovative and contemporary cultures expressions of the city.

Let us, show you that.

We also can provide you.


We don´t try to give you a local experience, we will give you, a locals perspective of the city we live in, and the culture we are part of, so we can also help you with:


Tell Us, what you want to eat and we will show you our suggestions about our favorite restaurants


São Paulo has many trips to do taysaround the city.
Tell us where you would like to go.


We know many places to stay in the city, if you have not found your place to stay in Sao Paulo, we can help you with this.

Personal service

Our friends and partners are making the show run in the city, if you need any personalized services, maybe we can provide you.


So, after our suggestions, if you need, or if you were a group, we can bring you there.


We offer logistic services for groups, events, fairs and trips within Brazil. From entertainment tourism to business tourism, if you do not want to worry about your trip, let us take care of it.

What do we believe?


Cities or urban space are places where ideas flourish and ferment through encounters of human cultural diversity,

So we see the city as a diverse territory, where people coexist, forming a collage or a multicultural mosaic that generates contents, narratives,  behavior, innovations, creations, and  ART and cultural expressions.

Thus, we believe that in order to recognize the identity of São Paulo, it is necessary to “Give a Role” (a São Paulo expression of Take a Walk), through the arteries of the largest global city in South America, to experience part of its rich and extensive and cultural expression

Contact Us

We want to connect with you.
Stay close.

E-mail: Experience@spcultureandchaos.com
Mobile/whatsapp: +55 11 98519 2578
Adress: Rua do Arouche, 146 – Centro,
São Paulo SP / Cep 01219-000